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Landscape Design

You might have a vast expanse of land or a spacious lawn at your disposal, but you might also be short on design ideas—or time to execute them. When you’re looking for assistance in sprucing up your landscape, the professional landscape designers at Cherry Oak Landscaping are here to help you.

Offering the region's most comprehensive landscape design services, we’re here to bring out the best in your property. We can install new gardens, lay down fresh sod, and maintain these features as the months go by.

Every successful project begins with an in-depth consultation. Schedule your landscape consultation by calling (517) 339-2881 at your convenience. We can’t wait to serve you!

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Designing Landscapes to Perfection

You can tell when someone has put a lot of thought and care into a property. The grass looks healthy, the hedges are well-placed, and there is a flourishing garden. However, these landscapes don’t come about on their own but are designed and maintained by professionals with in-depth botanical knowledge and first-rate equipment. In our area, residential and commercial clients alike know that we’re a team of landscaping experts who take a thorough and results-driven approach to landscape design.

Cherry Oak Landscaping is the top company for home or business landscape design. When looking to make a great first impression on clients or guests, you need to have a property that stands out. Updating your landscape can seem like an overwhelming task, but our experts are here to help. We can design, plan, and construct the landscape of your dreams.

Some of the landscape design services we offer our clients include:

  • Sod installation or replacement
  • Tree planting
  • Prune installation
  • Garden installation and design
  • Walkway construction
  • Hardscape installations (retaining walls, pergolas, and more)
  • Lawn maintenance (mowing, edging)
  • Irrigation system design
  • …and more

Customized Results for You

If you're looking to customize your landscape and give it a unique look, our landscape designers can help. We specialize in customized and creative landscape design and maintenance. We look forward to cultivating one-of-a-kind environments for clients of all distinctions. Whether you're looking for a simple makeover or a complete overhaul, we’ll find a way to bring your concepts to life.

Our professionals will work with you to develop the best design for your available space. With us, you can get personalized solutions that won’t break the bank. Call (517) 339-2881 and get started with a consultation!

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Professional Landscapers

When it comes to your home or business, the first thing people see is your landscape. At our landscape company, we take great pride in helping our clients create and maintain beautiful landscapes that help them make an excellent first impression. Our team of experienced landscapers can do everything from design to installation to maintenance. We take professionalism to a new level—and we can’t wait to show you what we’re capable of.

A well-designed landscape not only looks good but can also add value to your property and save you money on energy and water costs. Our landscape design team will work with you to create a custom plan that fits your needs and budget. We also offer landscape maintenance services to keep your property looking its best all year round.

Combining Many Approaches

The best part about working with our company is that you’ll get the best professionals working on your property at every step. When it comes to landscape design, many specialties must come together seamlessly for a perfect result. The ideal surroundings start with the design itself, which is completed by an experienced designer who works closely with you to suit the plan to your preferences. Then our licensed and certified landscaping team implements every aspect of the design with a high level of skill and timeliness.

We use the best equipment and methods to ensure your landscape will last for years to come, and we’re committed to maintaining the space into the future. You need to partner with a design team that can promise outstanding results, and with our experience and equipment, we fit that criteria ideally!

Our Design Philosophy

We’re more than hard workers who see a project through from beginning to end. As landscape designers, we abide by specific standards and design philosophies. We want to create landscapes that look their best today, tomorrow, and for years to come. That means implementing plants, garden beds, and other features in a way that ensures healthy growth. We take an eco-friendly approach every step of the way.

The perfect landscape design contains a harmony of several elements—such as hardscapes, trees, gardens, grass, walkways, etc.—ensuring that the space is both beautiful and highly functional. When you work with us, you’re getting a team that can prioritize your space's aesthetics and functionality without going over budget. While a beautiful area with no room to socialize or spaces to sit down can be appreciated from a distance, we seek to create spaces meant to be filled with people.

You should be able to feel relaxed and at peace in the gorgeous surroundings of your home or business. With our eye for detail, we can ensure you have the look and usefulness you want for your landscape. We also make our designs practical to put in place. We consider the limitations of your space and your climate before settling on a design, as we look to ensure all elements will last for years.

Fast Turnarounds on Landscape Design

Changing your landscape can feel like a lengthy work in progress. We understand that you don’t want to be waiting around watching the grass grow as your landscaping company takes its time putting designs into place—you want a beautiful landscape as soon as possible.

Our team is trained to work efficiently, implementing new constructions and designs fast. We want you to be able to enjoy our work as quickly as possible, so we never waste time on any part of the project. Reach out to us to partner with a company that values your time. We’ll give you results that stand the test of time in record time—and that is a promise.

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